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Employee wellbeing begins with listening

Employees are central to a team’s success, and this starts with their mental and physical wellbeing.

What was true for employee wellbeing before, may not be true now. And as employees begin to return to a new normal it is important their wellbeing needs are listened to.

We’re now offering every business five free employee pulse surveys so that they can create a successful return to work plan and effectively support the changing needs of their employees.

How Stribe Pulse can help you

We are all experiencing major change and disruption to the way we live. This change creates a risk to the happiness and productivity of your team. 

It’s important that you have systems in place that will keep pace with these changes, so that you can effectively support the wellbeing of your employees whether they’re at home or the office.

The only way to do this is to regularly check-in with your employees and ask them what matters to them. This way you can make relevant improvements to the way your group of employees think, feel and work.

Remove the complications

Understanding what your team cares about will always create a better performing team. Yet, the bigger a team becomes, the more complicated it is for you to understand their needs.

With Stribe you can remove the complications and begin to understand exactly how you can support your team today. By using our fully customisable pulse surveys ensures that your actions will always go hand in hand with the needs of your team.

One size doesn’t fit all

Simple and highly customisable pulse surveys allow you to track what matters. This will help you implement changes that are important to your team.

Supporting teams is complicated

Your surveys will align perfectly with team priorities and allow you to really understand your team.

Annual surveys create outdated change

You can monitor responses as they happen so you can adapt quickly. As well as identifying longer term trends for meaningful change.

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