It’s time to focus on your teams

Find out why focusing on the teams your employees are in is a winning strategy, and discover four simple tricks to get started.

Why you should care about creating a better team

We’ve learned that whilst you may have all the right ingredients it’s how employees come together and perform as teams that make the difference.

“You have to focus on groups and teams, because that’s how most work gets done.”

A recent Gallup survey confirmed this too, they found that highly engaged teams show a 21% greater profitability, and highly engaged business units achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings.

So when the evidence points to the idea that better teams create a better business, how can you achieve this? Especially when every employee has their own needs, and everyone is at a different place in their life. In reality this makes creating solutions to improve staff engagement, wellbeing and mental health tricky to achieve.

“With almost all organisations today being a team of teams, improving team performance and their seamless integration is the new battleground for competitive advantage.” Bernstein, E (2014) The Transparency Trap. Harvard Business Review.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading businesses and have learned a lot from them about how to start creating a better team. Today we’re sharing with you four ways that these businesses have created better teams.

Four ways you can start creating a better team today:


1) Encourage good conversation and communication with your employees

Teams work better as communities, and communities thrive with good communication.

The more you spend time talking with your teams the better. The best teams feel comfortable having constructive and open discussions about situation and how to change it. And better team performance will only come from understanding how to change.

Yet, if no-one feels comfortable talking to you then you will struggle to create improvements. The most successful way to create a talking culture is to lead by example, and put systems in place so that everyone feels happy to talk.

It’s why it is important to have many ways for employees to open up a conversation. These will usually be a combination of email, open-door policies, digital tools, team meetings and one-to-ones.

2) Listen to them – find out what they want from you!

If you understand what your team needs, you’re half-way to building a better team. Because when employees feel their voice is heard they are nearly 5 times more likely to perform their best work (Salesforce, 2018).

Make sure that you really listen to what your team are actually saying. Don’t just listen enough to be able to respond.

3) Know where they’re at.

Understanding the mental health and wellbeing of your team is really important.

If your team have a big workload and they feel stretched they will react very differently to a new project or change in strategy than at less busy times. Find ways to understand how your team are feeling day-to-day (not just what their workload is like). This will allow you to balance their needs and the business needs effectively.

You can do this in a number of different ways. You might use the start of your Monday meetings to have five-minutes of reflection where individuals can share how they’re feeling. Or may want to use a digital tool such as digital pulse surveys to get an accurate picture of how your employees are feeling week-on-week. Consider using at least one anonymous method so that staff who don’t have the confidence to speak in meetings will give you their honest answers.

4) Be Consistent

Creating a better team will only come from consistency.

Spend 20 minutes planning out how you’re going to incorporate these ideas into your working day. Whether you are managing a full company or just one team, creating consistency will instantly create a better, higher-performing team that has a measurable impact on the businesses’ performance.

When we work to create better, happy teams the quality and impact of their work improves measurably because they’re excited, engaged, and giving their best. Achieving can be simple. You just have to listen, understand your team and create consistency with your new approach.

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