New Release: Pulse Questions

Why should I use pulse questions?

Pulse questions help you measure and track changes such as employee engagement within your teams very quickly. Research shows that having this level of understanding of your employees brings a positive benefit to your business, which is why we have now introduced them within Stribe.

We wanted you to be able to get a snapshot of what your employees are thinking and feeling in a quick and simple way rather than; making educated guesses, using data from one-to-ones, or asking for feedback during full company meetings (which means only the loudest voices in the room can be heard!).

Our pulse questions will give you the data and insights you need to chart your progress, the mood and wellbeing of your employees. They also give you a great way of getting the ‘go-head’ for new employee engagement and communication initiatives.

Understand your team better than ever

Understanding the mental health and wellbeing of your team is really important. Understanding how your team are feeling day-to-day will help you better balance their needs with the business needs. This leads to a happier and more productive team.

Employees love pulse questions too. Our early-access customers told us that pulse questions helped their employees feel better supported. And, team managers love having information that gives them insights into things they may not have seen or heard in their day-to-day.

Our pulse questions allow you to quickly learn what your priorities should be for each segment of your organisation. Segmenting by data such as departments, job roles and gender gives a more detailed picture of your different employee groups.

You can use the insights from our pulse questions to create initiatives that you can be certain will bring benefits to your employees. And our detailed dashboard will save you time by making it easy to monitor long term trends. Doing this will mean you can create a cycle of measuring, evaluating and improving without needing to dedicate too much time.


But what else can pulse questions do for me?

Improve employee engagement. – Employees who provide regular feedback are more engaged and are generally happier. They are also more productive and will stay within your organisation longer than those who don’t have the opportunity to.

Easy analysis of improvements over time. – Pulse questions allow you to analyse changes and new employee engagement initiatives week by week and month by month.

Real-time measurement of employee happiness and wellbeing. – Because they take such a short time to complete our pulse questions give you up-to-the-minute information. They also allow you to compare responses over time.

Higher response rates. – Employees answer our pulse surveys within their inbox, improving the response rate and giving you a truer picture of your whole organisation.

Create a talking culture. – When your employees feel listened to your culture will shift to being more open. This will give you further insights, thoughts and ideas that you may never have heard of otherwise! If you want to level-up further launch our employee voice feature.

Shorten your question turnaround time. – Our short pulse questions are much quicker to create and get approved than your current annual survey.


Let us know what you think!

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