Stribe Rebrand – Our Why, When, Where, and What (it means for customers).

Why did we change to Stribe?

When we first created tootoot workplace (the original Stribe) we wanted it to give employees a trusted place to talk about concerns such as bullying, harassment and abuse. We have been lucky enough to work with some incredible early customers. They have helped us grow, learn and understand our market a lot better than we did at the start!

However, over the past year, we realised that we needed to be more than just a trusted place for employees to talk. We realised that the real problem our customers were struggling with was how they could understand their large, increasingly multi-generational workforce.

We needed to update the tool so that our features (voice and pulse) were brought together in a way that made sense and simplified the way that businesses could listen to their teams.

Why? Because our customer feedback and research showed that when you listen effectively to your employees, and make them feel comfortable sharing suggestions and ideas, and talking, your business’s bottom line will improve as a result.

Over the last few months our development team (@kieran, @Frankie, @Jose, @tom, @louie) worked hard to bring our customer feedback and learnings to life. Today we have the foundations of a tool that we can happily say to businesses creates better, stronger teams. So a big thank you to them!

The product was only the start…

However, the product was only one part of the journey. We felt it was time to develop the product’s name and brand so that it better reflected our new mission of ‘creating stronger teams’.

We also realised that tootoot education (our first product for schools) and tootoot workplace were competing against each other online. This was stifling the growth of tootoot workplace. So, alongside developing the product we’ve been building an updated value proposition, new key messages, branding, logos, a website, social media and digital assets. Something that I know we never would have been able to achieve without our designer @louie’s creative brain.

Our new name “Stribe” represents our mission to create stronger teams (or tribes!). And our updated branding better reflects the understanding we have of our customers. As well as the expectations they have of the technology they use in their day-to-day lives. We’ve worked meticulously with customers over the last few months to create a product that really works for them.

When will the Stribe changes launch?
On the 28th March, we’ll be changing the website address, app names and logo to reflect the new ‘Stribe’ brand. On the 30th March the new brand will officially be live!

Where will you be able to find Stribe?


Twitter: @stribehq


Instagram: @stribehq

Let us know what you think!

We would love to hear your feedback on the new brand! Is there something more we could be doing to help you create a better team?

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