We Updated Our Employee Voice Feature

Why employee voice exists

Employee voice forms the foundation of Stribe. On our mission to build a tool that created a better team we knew that we need to give you a way to really listen to your employees. Because research shows that when employees feel their voice is heard, they are nearly 5 times more likely to perform their best work (Salesforce, 2018).

Employee voice gives a safe and trusted channel for your employees to speak-up and give feedback, anytime and anywhere. The feature is anonymous too, which removes the barrier to speaking up and creates security for the employee. You can read more about our anonymity pledge here.

What can your employees use employee voice for?

Employee voice can be used to talk about anything in detail. It’s there for employees who want to give suggestions, ideas and feedback. Recognise a teammate for a job well done. Or simply talk about something that is making them feel unhappy or unsafe in their home or work life.


“Stribe is a safe place for you to have big conversations.”


We’ve updated the designs within the website and app to make sure it’s really clear and simple for your employees to see exactly what they can use the tool for.

We’ve added buttons to the top of the message box so they can select what type of message they’re sending. We did this because we found that whilst we were encouraging employees to use Stribe to talk about anything, being met with a blank message box and ‘What’s on your mind’ wasn’t giving enough direction, which was preventing some from sending messages at all.

These buttons ‘Recognise’, ‘Suggest’ and ‘Talk’ are there as a guide so that employees can ‘self-categorise’ their messages and feel more comfortable using Stribe for everything it should be.

You’ll be notified of the selection your employees make too, so you know exactly how to support their message when you receive it. You can see what this looks like below.

‘But we already have something for employee voice’

You might, and that’s ok! We didn’t create employee voice to replace any existing systems but instead be one of the many solutions you offer employees.

There needs to be a solution for every employee, and everyone is different and will feel comfortable using different things. Stribe creates a culture of speaking up and giving employees the confidence to talk. The benefits of the system far outweigh any worries you may have of duplicating efforts.

Let us know what you think!

We would love to hear your feedback on how you’re using this update! Is there something more we could be doing to help you create a better team?

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