Further details on anonymity by feature:

Messages – Fully Anonymous

If an administrator of the system is concerned about a message an employee has sent, they may request to reveal the employees identity. The power to respond to this request remains with the employee and they choose whether to approve or decline the request.

Pulse Surveys – Fully Anonymous

Admins can segment responses by data such as teams and locations. We also restrict segmentation of the results to a minimum number of 5 responses to ensure anonymity is maintained even during data processing.

Resource Hub – Feedback and Questions – Fully Anonymous

Similar to pulse surveys, admins can segment feedback by teams, locations etc. however there are limitations to how small segments can go (see above for further details).

Questions sent in relation to resources are received as mesages and, as such, are dealt with in the same way (outlined above).

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about our anonymity then you can contact us on hello@stribehq.com

*We will not tolerate any illegal or abusive comments on the system, this includes those threatening abuse, discrimination, harassment, violence or other criminal offences.

If a system admin contacts us and notifies us that they have received a message that requires us to reveal the sender’s identity then we will review the message and work with the organisation to reveal the user should there be a case for it.