When people are heard, teams are happy.

Stribe gives you the confidence
to make change that matters

Benefits from day one

Hear your teams loud and clear@2x

Hear your teams loud and clear

When employees are listened to they are nearly 5 times more likely to perform their best work. Stribe makes sure that everyone is heard.

Get to know your team, to make changes that matter@2x

Get to know your team and collect meaningful feedback

Engagement starts by really understanding your teams. Stribe’s customisable pulse surveys offer actionable real-time feedback from your employees.

Celebrate the moments that matter@2x copy

Celebrate the moments that matter

Shout-outs allow you and your colleagues to celebrate every tiny victory, because an appreciated employee is a happy employee.

Save time for the important things@2x

Save time for the important

With Stribe, you won’t need to spend hours deep in spreadsheets. Our dashboard makes it easy to understand, export and share survey reports with your team, because we all know our time is better spent making change that matters.

Built for your team

When it comes to increasing business performance, listening to your team is the only way to do this.
Why? Because better teams exceed their targets, perform their best work and achieve better
business results; and the only way you can achieve this is by knowing what they care about.

The science


Everything you need, all in one place

Stribe has a whole host of features to make managing, engaging and looking after your employees – a breeze.

Our tool

Why Stribe

Great teams get great results

See how Stribe can keep your workforce connected, aligned, and grow – in the right way – so everyone can perform to their full potential.

What’s new with Stribe?

10 things you should consider to improve your pulse survey response rates

Employees have busy working lives, there are often deadlines to meet, and targets to hit. So, naturally, they need to be shown that pulse surveys are worth taking the time out to respond to. You may know that these surveys are a great way to improve employee engagement, but to get the most out of […]

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Working from home: Are your teams talking enough?

When all of your team are within shouting distance in the office, it’s easy for us to take these spontaneous conversations for granted. Want to check the status on a piece of work, or see how someone is getting on? It’s as simple as calling out their name and asking. But now, more and more of us are separated working from our own homes.

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Say hello to shout-outs 👋

  Today we’re launching shout-outs, our newest feature. It’s here to help you and your colleagues celebrate every tiny victory. Because everyone should be recognised for their day-to-day work. Recognition is essential for happy teams. It helps shape a positive culture, strengthens team relationships and improves engagement. Yet 65% of employees haven’t received any recognition […]

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