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to your employees

We're built for teams like you.

Benefits from day one

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Talking always helps

When employees feel their voice is heard they are nearly 5 times more likely to perform their best work. Stribe gives every employee a voice.

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Track what matters to you

Every business is different, and we recognise that. Customise your pulse surveys so they work for your organisation.

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Integrates seamlessly

Stribe integrates seamlessly with your day to day which means you have more time to focus on the things that matter.

Built for your team

When it comes to increasing business performance, listening to your team is the only way to do this.
Why? Because better teams exceed their targets, perform their best work and achieve better
business results; and the only way you can achieve this is by knowing what they care about.

The science

The science

We’ve applied a little bit of science to the principles of team success and brought them together in one simple yet powerful tool that helps you create a more motivated and engaged team that in turn creates a better business.

Our tool

Our tool

Stribe integrates seamlessly with your day-to-day work; allowing you to gather frequent engagement insights using pulse surveys, create a safe and trusted space for staff to speak-up and give feedback, and gives you the power to track what matters to you. Stribe pulls this information together into a dashboard that gives you real-time bitesize insights that are easy to implement by your HR team, leaders and managers.

What’s new with Stribe?

We Updated Our Employee Voice Feature

It’s there for employees who want to give suggestions, ideas and feedback. […]

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Stribe Rebrand – Our Why, When, Where, and What (it means for customers).

Over the past year, we realised that we needed to be more than just a trusted place for employees to talk. […]

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New Release: Pulse Questions

Pulse questions help you measure and track changes within your teams very quickly (they help you check the ‘pulse’ of your organisation!) […]

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