Stribe Sessions #3: How to build culture

In the third Stribe Sessions Michael Brennan, CEO & Co-founder of Stribe, talks to Gemma Ellison, Director and Head of Culture and Engagement at Jackson Lees, and Dan Sodergren, Co-founder of Flock, about how to build culture. 

During the session, the panel discusses why it’s so important to focus on culture and what exactly that looks like in your day-to-day, from hiring to growing teams and everything in between.

Catch-up on the full session

Details from the discussion 

06:30 How culture has changed at Jackson Lees.
09:30 What culture means at Jackson Lees.
10:30 How Flock supports company culture.
16:56 How do start to build a positive company culture?
25:53 How do you measure progress in your culture journey?
31:46 How to engage millennials and recruiting for culture fit/values fit.
Questions from the audience
39:29 How do you develop a culture from a traditional legacy business to a new paradigm with lots of new employees?
45:39 Assessing candidates’ values and personality as part of the recruitment process.
48:38 How do you encourage and train managers to trust their people?

Key takeaways

  • Culture will exist whether it’s good or bad and it is something that needs constant work, it’s never finished.
  • Culture is a common feeling of togetherness.
  • The hallmark for company culture is how happy, engaged and productive employees are.
  • The first step to building a positive culture is listening. Listen to your employee’s thoughts and feelings – find out what drives them.
  • Leaders don’t drive culture, people do.
  • 34% of people leave a business because of a culture misalignment.
  • The UK economy loses around £24 billion a year because people are not engaged at work.
  • Companies with happy cultures make more money.
  • Trust is key to a positive culture.
  • Vulnerable leadership is a key part of encouraging honest and open communication.
  • It’s important to hire people whose core values align with your organisation.
  • Find out what your employee’s motivations are, what is their ‘why’?


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